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Are you looking to expand your horizons and start controlling the physical world around you with your Raspberry Pi?

If so, the Gertboard is for you!

Gertboard is the ideal add-on for Raspberry Pi. Designed by Gert van Loo, using Gertboard you will now be able to connect your Raspberry Pi to the world, allowing you to detect and respond to external physical events. You can detect and output analogue voltages, drive motors, detect switch presses, illuminate LEDs and drive relays. Jumper cables allow you to hook up different parts of the circuit in any different ways, allowing total flexibility  all controlled by your Raspberry Pi. We hope you have fun whilst learning about software and electronics.

The Raspberry Pi and embedded tools that are supplied within it, now mean you can write programs for it straight away. You can learn all about the process of writing in a language called C, and compiling it for use on Raspberry Pi’s ARM processor, the ARM 11. These tools are free and open, unlike those required for compiling Windows programs.

More information about the Gertboard can be found here.



AusPi Technologies 802.11n WiFi Adaptor for the Raspberry Pi

  • 802.11 b/g/n support
  • 2 dBi antenna
  • Works without a powered HUB (just plug straight into Raspberry Pi)
  • Design allows you to plug another device in USB port below it
  • Plug and play with Raspberry Pi – tested with OpenELEC, RaspbMC and Wheezy
  • $29.95
  • Order Now for immediate delivery



Raspberry Pi Pre-Loaded SD Card Only

  • 4GB or 8GB  SDHC card with software of your choice.
  • Free Delivery anywhere in Australia (not express post)
  • $14.95 delivered
  • Order Now for  immediate delivery

Operating System


240v Power Supply

  • 240v USB Power Supply
  • 1.8 meter micro USB cable
  • Powers your Raspberry Pi
  • Can also be used to charge your Android phone



SD Card Reader

  • USB 2.0 Specification
  • Reads and Writes SD and SDHC Memory Cards
  • Works on the Raspberry Pi.



HDMI to DVI Adaptor

  • Allows you to plug your Raspberry Pi into a monitor that has DVI input



Mini Wired Keyboard




Raspberry Pi Model B – Board Only

  • 700 MHz ARM11 ARM1176JZF-S core (overclockable)
  • 256 512 MiB Ram
  • 2 USB ports (USB 2.0)
  • Broadcom VideoCore IV,OpenGL ES 2.0,OpenVG 1080p30 H.264 high-profile encode/decode GPU
  • Composite RCA or HDMI video out
  • 3.5 mm stereo Audio jack and HDMI Audio Out
  • 10/100 wired Ethernet RJ45 Network
  • SD / MMC / SDIO card slot
  • Outputs for Embedded Applications: General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins, Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI), I²C, I²S[2], Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART)
  • Power Consumption: 5 V (DC) via Micro USB type B or GPIO header, 700 mA, (3.5 W)
  • Size: 85.60mm x 56mm x 21mm
  • Weight: 86 grams
  • Country of origin: China