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5% Sales Commission Scheme

You can earn Sales Commission by recommending us to your friends.

We’d like to offer you the opportunity to earn some cash by referring us to your friends.

We will pay you 5% (via Paypal or bank transfer) of everything* your friends spend at our store.


 How it works:

  1. You tell your friends about our site.
  2. They buy something from our store.
  3. You email us with their name and order number.
  4. We pay you 5% of their total spend for that order.


  • Only valid on orders where the purchaser has not used a discount coupon.
  • Only the first person to tell us they referred the sale will get paid for that order.
  • You must be a previous customer of our site (if you got this email from us, you comply with this condition.)
  • We will only pay you when you have referred more than $100 of sales. (ie. minimum payment is: $5).
  • Only valid on sales made before 1-January-2014.
    (Offer expires 1-January-2014)
  • Only valid on completed & paid orders.


Can I just get 5% off my next purchase?

Yes. But first, we’d like you to give us some feedback.

Send us an email ( [email protected] ) with an answer to any one of the following questions:

  • What additional products do you think we should stock on our site?
  • What could we do to improve our service?
  • Why would you recommend people buy from our site? (ie. please provide a short testimonial)

We will reply to your email with a coupon code that will give you 5% off all future orders with us until 1-September-2013.


How will you pay me?

If you send us a paypal account, we will send money via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account we will transfer the money directly to your Australian Bank account.


When will you pay me?

Within one week of receiving your email with the purchaser’s name and order number.


Is there a limit to how much I can earn?


For example, if you could convince 10 schools to each purchase 30 Model B Standard Packages from us ($109.95 each), we would pay you $1,649.25.


What if I can’t get them to tell me what their order number is?

In order to protect our customers privacy, we need to know that you know the purchaser well enough that they will tell you their order number. In order to receive payment, you must provide us with a matching name and order number.