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FLIRC USB IR Receiver v2

Quick Overview

The FLIRC Universal Infrared Remote Control Receiver lets you use any remote control to control any program on any device that accepts a USB keyboard. It’s perfect for your Raspberry Pi, FireTV, Android Media Centre or PC/MAC HTPC. It works perfectly with the Logitech Universal Remote, or any remote you have lying around the house.

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Product Description

Use any remote control to control any program on any device.

FLIRC Version 2!

The new FLIRC does everything the old one does, plus:

  • Works naturally with your Logitech Universal Remote, no FLIRC programming needed. Just select one of the FLIRC keysets when programming your remote.
  • Long Key Presses – Assign two functions to one button. Press the button for one function, hold down the button for the other function.
  • Macros – You can store over 500 keys, and have more than one keypress per individual remote button.


FLIRC for your Pi

The Raspberry Pi allows you to control XBMC using your normal TV remote control via HDMI-CEC.  So you may be wondering why we are so excited to add the FLIRC to our Raspberry Pi accessories range. The answer is this:

HDMI-CEC will only take you so far.

Most TV remote controls work with play, pause, fast forward and rewind. But getting to the XBMC context menu, the in-movie menu’s and volume-controls are impossible on many remotes. Furthermore, some new TV’s that say they support CEC …. well, lets just say you get what you pay for.

The FLIRC takes all this guesswork out of the equation, you program your remote with the controls you want, plug it into the Pi and away you go.

If you’re replacing your old HTPC with a Raspberry Pi for the power and space saving attributes (or the 1080p hardware decoding that your Core 2 duo didn’t have), a FLIRC might give you what you need to move that old HTPC into the kids bedroom.

FLIRC for your PC

We know there are millions of USB MCE remote controls for your PC, so why would you bother with a FLIRC?

Well, it’s because the MCE remote control is great for controlling Windows Media Center (actually, the cheap MCE ‘compatible’  remote control we had wasn’t that great at doing even that); but because it presents its self to your PC as a remote control, it needs to be programmed and supported in any piece of software you want to use it in.

Not with FLIRC, because it just outputs remote control commands as keyboard-input, every program works with it. XBMC, VLC, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, iTunes – as long as you can control it with your keyboard, you can control it from 10 feet away.

THAT is what a USB remote control should do!

Additional Information

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