Gertbot controller
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GertBot Robotics Board for the Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi 2

Quick Overview

The Gertbot is a motor/power controller board for the Raspberry-Pi. The strength of the board is that it has its own CPU which frees up the Raspberry-Pi from a lot of intense computations and will take care of all the real time requirements. All you have to do is give it high level commands. Like: Board 2, Motor 1, take 2432 steps at 67 Hz. Even giving those commands is done for you using the free GUI which comes with it!

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Product Description


Hardware features:

  • Four H-bridges 8V-30V, 2.5A.
  • Bridges can be re-configured for 2x 5A or 1x 10A.
  • Two open drain outputs 30V, 3A.
  • Powerful 64MHZ ARM Cortex-M3 processor
  • RS232 connects direct to the Raspberry-Pi or other serial interface.
  • Cascade port to control up to four boards at a time.
  • 20-pin connector programmable for:
    • Automatic motor end-stop
    • Four 12-Bit ADC ports
    • Two 12-bit DAC ports
    • 8-16 general purpose

I/O Software controllable features:

  • Brushed1 motors:
    • Control direction
    • Speed control PWM 10Hz-10KHz, 0-100%.
    • Soft start 0.1sec
    • 5 seconds prevents in-rush current
    • Stop on switch hit.
  • Stepper motors:
    • Take X-steps in either direction o
    • Step speed 0.06 Hz .. 5KHz.
    • Stop on switch hit.
  • Digital Command Control (model train control):
    • Can send any DCC command 3..6 bytes
    • Programmable pre-amble length and repeat count
  • Short-circuit or high temperature error detection
  • On error, keep running, stop motor, stop board or stop all boards
  • I/O pins programmable functions
  • Emergency stop, halts whole system.

The board comes with drivers, example code and a GUI all complete with source code. Depending how fast you can screw the wires down, you can have your motors running in a few minutes!

Additional Information

Weight 100 g