12 Volt Applications


  • 12 volt to 5 volt 3,000mA step-down transformer

    All epoxy sealed containers with Waterproof Housing Lig
    Quick Overview

    This device allows you to run our USB Hubs from a cigarette lighter or 12 volt power source in your car.
    By running a USB Hub you can power a portable hard drive and Raspberry Pi from the Hub for a full in-car PC.


  • Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen

    For more information about setting up and using the 7" Touch
    Quick Overview

    The 7″ Touchscreen Monitor for Raspberry Pi gives users the ability to create all-in-one, integrated projects such as tablets, infotainment systems and embedded projects. The 800 x 480 display connects via an adapter board which handles power and signal conversion. It supports up to 10 concurrent touch-points, and is truly interactive as the latest software drivers supports a virtual ‘on screen’ keyboard, so there is no need to plug in a keyboard and mouse.


  • Real Time Clock (RTC) for the Raspberry Pi

    Microchip MCP7940N Battery backed RTCC device Does not us
    Quick Overview

    SHIM RTC is a battery backed up realtime clock and calendar add on board for Raspberry Pi that does not get in the way of other add on boards providing easy, plug and play integration and development for designs and/or applications requiring time stamps. Board communicates via I2C interface, supported by a back-up battery to ensure on-going timekeeping operation in power-down situation. Battery not included.

    PiFace Real Time Clock means your Raspberry Pi always has the correct time. Furthermore, it’s that small you’ll hardly notice it’s there! You can slip it inside most cases and under, most add-on boards!


  • 12v (8-40v) to 5 volt 5 Amp 4 Port USB Power Supply

    Features Input: 9 - 40 v Output: 5V, within input range(9
    Quick Overview

    This 4.8 x 3.8 x 2.2cm board takes an input voltage of 8 to 40 volts, and converts it to an output of 5 volts, 5 Amps. It has 4 USB ports, so it is ideal for powering a Raspberry Pi and USB peripherals from a car or other DC power supply.


  • USB Cigarette Lighter Plug

    Input Voltage: 12 - 24v DC Output Voltage: 5v DC Output
    Quick Overview

    This is an in-car USB power supply that plugs into your cigarette lighter. It is Suitable for powering the Raspberry Pi in the car.

    5 out of 5

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) hat for the Raspberry Pi

      he MMmm Pi PoE is an add-on board that simply comb
    Quick Overview

    The PoE hat for the Raspberry Pi fits neatly on your Raspberry Pi and allows it to be powered from a PoE Switch.  Perfect for removing the clutter of wires and for reliable use in remote locations. This item posts for free nationwide.


  • Carberry

    This kit includes: Carberry board Free wires harness (CBL
    Quick Overview

    Carberry aims to be a shield for Raspberry Pi microcomputers. Carberry represents the link between car electronics and Raspberry Pi, which allows the development of end-user applications, such as media centers, vehicle diagnostics, data logging, fleet management, tracking, blackboxes, burglar alarms, carputing, internet, and much more.



  • Microstack GPS Receiver

    MICROSTACK GPS features the L80 ultra slim POT(Patch on Top)
    Quick Overview

    MICROSTACK is a framework of cross platform accessories that add functions to your designs through the use of cross platform module boards and platform specific adapter boards. Adapters to various platforms, starting with Raspberry Pi, add a common physical interface for connecting Microstack accessory module boards that are reuseable between designs and platforms.

    MICROSTACK GPS features the L80 ultra slim POT(Patch on Top) module with an embedded 15x15mm patch antenna, this MICROSTACK module adds GPS positioning functions to all platforms compatible with the Microstack framework. This space-saving design makes L80 become the perpect module for the miniature devices. Adopted by LCC package and integrated with patch antenna, L80 has exceptional performance both in acquisition and tracking.


  • MicroStack Base Board for the Raspberry Pi 2

    Features Connect two MICROSTACK modules to Raspberry Pi M
    Quick Overview

    MICROSTACK is a family of reusable accessory boards with a common framework consisting of form factor and interface connections that work across various different single board computer(SBC) platforms through the use of platform specific base boards (adapter boards) starting with Raspberry Pi.

    MICROSTACK ADAPTER BOARD works with the Raspberry Pi to allow for two Microstack module boards to connect and work with Raspberry Pi in a easy and quick manner. Microstck boards do not interface directly with a SBC platform but through a base board like the MICROSTACK adapter board.