• CodeBug Wearable Board

    Quick Overview

    The CodeBug is a wearable board (that looks like a bug) with 25 LED’s and 6 touch-sensitive I/O pads. It is programmed by the supplied micro-USB cable and can be powered either by microUSB or a CR2032 battery (not included).


  • Alligator Clip Cables (5x 50cm cables with alligator clips on both ends)

    Quick Overview

    5x 50cm long insulated cables with alligator clips on both ends. red, green, yellow, white and black colour codes.


  • CodeBug GlowBugs

    Quick Overview

    Add colours to your CodeBug by connecting a chain of GlowBugs. You can set each GlowBug to flash or glow any colour. Strew them across your desk, sew them onto fabrics. Wrap them around your Christmas tree or sew them on your Christmas jumper!


  • Codebug Star

    Quick Overview

    This add-on board for the CodeBug allows you to add colour to your creations. Each of the 9 LEDs can be programmed to display different colours as required. This board is ideal for creating colourful patterns or even placed on top of a Christmas tree.


  • Codebug Case

    Quick Overview

    This is a specialty case for the codebug which holds it securely and has a clear cover and checkouts so you can access the pushbuttons and I/O contacts, and see the LED lights.

    $9.95 $4.95