Raspberry Pi Heatsink Kit
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Raspberry Pi Heatsink Kit

Quick Overview

The PI HEATSINK KIT is a Raspberry PI heat sink kit for ensuring Raspberry PI to remain cool with no need of noisy fans. This heat sink will also help extend the life of Raspberry PI and thereby reduces hardware failures. The heat sink kit comprises of three high quality Pressfin heat sinks which are designed to fit the three main heat sources on the Raspberry PI. The 50mm × 50mm piece of thermal adhesive tape in the kit used to securely fix the heat sinks in place and to ensure a good thermal transfer bond.


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Product Description


  • Reduces the risk of overheating
  • Because of low profile it will fit into most cases
  • Simple and passive cooling
  • Perfectly sized for the Pi’s CPU
  • 13mm x 13mm x 10mm (H x W x D) size
  • 0.005Kg weight
  • Thermal resistance of 25°C/W

Additional Information

Weight 5 g