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USB Mouse

Quick Overview

It's a USB Mouse, it has a cord, and a USB plug.

It doesn't need batteries and it doesn't need cleaning!
It's amazing!



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Product Description

The mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1964 and consisted of a wooden shell, circuit board and two metal wheels that came into contact with the surface it was being used on.

It was 8 years later in 1972 that Bill English developed the design further by inventing what is known as the “Ball Mouse” that we know today. The ball replaced the wheels and was capable of monitoring movement in any direction. The ball came into contact with two rollers that in turn spun wheels with graduations on them that could be turned into electrical pulses representing direction and speed.

At the time Bill English was working for Xerox Parc (Palo Alto Research Centre) the research and development center set-up by Xerox to ‘design the future of computing’. The mouse became part of the ground breaking Xerox Alto computer system which was the first minicomputer system to offer a graphical user interface.
It would be another 8 years before the mouse would be developed any further. An optical mouse was developed in around 1980, eliminating the ball which often became dirty from rolling round the desktop, negatively affecting its operation. However, they were far too expensive to be used widely. In fact it wasn’t until around 1998 with the increase in microcontroller processing power and the reduction in component costs that optical mice became a commercially viable alternative to the ball mouse and infiltrated the mass consumer market.
Today the optical mouse has completely replaced the ball mouse being supplied as standard with all new computers.

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