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VOLT Amplifier for Raspberry Pi and Sparky

Quick Overview

The VOLT Amplifier for the Raspberry Pi or Sparky is a digital amplifier that will drive two 50w speakers directly from your Raspberry Pi. This version is designed to directly connect to the Piano 2.1 DAC. If you require RCA in, please see the VOLT+.

Only 4 left in stock


Availability: Only 4 left in stock

Product Description

Connect 50 Watt Stereo Speakers to your Raspberry Pi.

The Volt takes the variable output analog audio from the Piano(or)Piano2.1 and through the onboard Texas Instruments TPA3118D2 Class D amplifier delivers audio to the volt speaker terminals delivering up to [email protected] input.

The VOLT requires a 19volt power source to operate. Power should be applied to the 3mm DC JACK.

The Volt is by default muted at power on (mute LED lit). Mute & Shut down state / LED is under software control.

The TPA3118 class D amplifier IC is a leap in terms of audio quality.

Our board is a high quality implementation of the stock design.

– Using TPA3118 (better grounding of main IC)
– Anti-Pop circuit
– Bootstrap snubber mod
– Brand name components as per picture
– Radio avoidance switch (to reduce interference)
– PCB with extra copper (since on transient’s current can spike to 5A)

Note that PCB comes in 2 flavors:

1. Volt is a shield and beneath it has connector that will plug into our DACs (Piano and Piano 2.1). It has no RCA inputs. (Capacitance Multiplier can be added as a standalone board).

2. Volt+ is a standalone amplifier with RCA IN (stereo).

Volt+ can be used with our DACs through the RCA input, as a standalone board.

Technical Specifications
Chipset TPA3118D2
Output 2 x 50W (Max) into a 4 to 8-Ω BTL Load
Class D Operation 90% POWER EFFICIENCY
SNR 102dB
Supply Voltage UP TO 24V DC
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C Ambient
Board Size LWH = 58mm * 86.75mm * 32.06mm
Board Weight 120g

Support & Downloads
Download Product Brochure

Additional Information

Weight 120 g