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Raspberry Pi Starter Kits

To use a Raspberry Pi, you will need at least the following items:

  • A Raspberry Pi (Model A or B) in some sort of case
  • An SD Card loaded with one of the free, open source operating systems for the Raspberry Pi
  • A USB Keyboard (or Keyboard+Mouse combo device)
  • A USB Mouse (or Keyboard+Mouse combo device)
  • A HDMI Cable to your screen OR a Composite Cable to your screen
  • A Power Supply for your Raspberry Pi

To get the most out of their Raspberry Pi, most people want a few of the following optional components:

  • A Cat5e or Cat6 Network Cable to connect to your network
  • An AusPi USB WiFi Adaptor to connect to your wireless network
  • A FLIRC to control your Raspberry Pi with a standard infra-red remote control
  • An IR Remote Control to go with your FLIRC
  • A Raspberry Pi Camera (or Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera) to take photos or video
  • A HDMI-DVI or HDMI-VGA adaptor to use your Raspberry Pi with a computer monitor.
  • A 4 Port or 7 Port USB Hub to connect more than two USB devices to your Raspberry Pi
  • A PiFace Expansion board to control your electronics devices with your Raspberry Pi

For more information, check out the comparison of Single Board Computer platforms at GPIO here.